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Hello, I’m Robert Stephenson, I live in Coventry, which is 10 miles from the center of England . I was a professional fishmonger by trade for most of my life but retired on 10 may 2008, I am now a furniture warehouse operative in Coventry , and in my spare time I am a free-lance poultry and livestock photographer, and countryman pursuing my interest of fishing, shooting, mole catching and gathering country life with the camera.

I have kept a variety of animals and birds for a hobby over many years , but after a lightning accident  in August 2003 , I now keep only a few finches, a few pairs of doves ,  Dutch  banties  and a dog.

My main interest nowadays is  tending my wildlife and dahlia gardens during the summer, and  photography of poultry and livestock for Fancy Fowl and Smallholder magazines and the poultrykeeper.com website at shows around the U.K.

You can see many of my photos in the Chicken Breeds section of poultrykeeper  and you can also see some examples of my recent photos below.

  • Pied Turkey

  • Cochin

  • Cuckoo Houdan

  • silver laced wyandotte

  • yellow Dutch

  • Germn Langshan trio

  • Silver Sangled Hamburgh

  • Silver Sebright

  • Campine

  • Dominique

  • Jersey Giant

  • Kraienkoppe

  • Le Fleche

  • Norfolk Grey

  • Spanish

  • Yamato Gunkei

  • Gold Dutch

  • Attractivley displayed egg


  • Poland

I have kept over the years many types of animals and birds, including Rex show rabbits, with which I won many top awards in the seventies, hunting ferrets, various types of poultry including Sussex, Marans, Croadlangshan, Leghorns, Welsummers and Auracans, my favourites were large Brahma’s, but they were just too big for my set up,  and saras comet goldfish ,but  time moves on and I no longer keep any of the above, but I can offer you any help and information you might need, i have left my old fantail dove information page up, to help the novice keeper and i can always answer your questions on fantail doves although at present i do not keep any.

contact me at :- stephenson2@ntlworld.com

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